Franchisee Terms & Conditions
  1. Franchisee will have to pay deposit of Rs. 10000/-to 25000/- which will be non-refundable at the time of agreement.
  2. The license will be renewed at the end of twelve months. (Every year)
  3. Every year Franchisee will have to pay deposit of Rs. 10000/-to 25000/-without any interest which will be non-refundable for renewal charge of license.
  4. AU payments paid by franchisee to company by Demand Draft only.
  5. All money transactions in the name of M. J. CONSULTANCY.
  6. All reports as well as copy of admission forms, two photos of student, copy of receipt, statement of accounts, fees should be send by franchisee to company.
  7. If any franchisee do business less than Two Lakhs Rupees in twelve months, then franchisee will not have to pay next twelve months renewal charges of license.
  8. All local taxes as well as all expenses will have to pay by franchisee.
  9. Company will not be responsible for any loss of franchisee.
  10. All government tax as well as service tax will have to pay by franchisee if its applicable.
  11. The area should be divided into one to three part with well furnished.
  12. The franchisee should maintain the quality of teaching and has to follow all the rules and regulations of the company.
  13. The advertisement will be centralized, company will supply Brochures & Promotional materials which is subject to minimum charges. Company will not pay for any additional advertisement.
  14. All disputes are subject to Gandhidham Jurisdiction.
Support From Company
  1. All: material will be supply to franchisee by Company.
  2. Free note books, free course material will be supply to franchisee by Company.
  3. Free books will be given to students for more practice by Company.